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59th Street (New York Subway)
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59th Street (New York Subway)

59th Street Station started its existence as a local-only station with side platforms on the upper level. The express tracks, which run underneath the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation's 60th Street Tunnel, had platforms added to it in 1959. The express platforms were added to reduce congestion at 42nd Street-Grand Central station and to provide another connection to Queens-bound trains. This complex is on three levels, with the local on top, the Queens traisn in the middle, and the express on the bottom. This station used to have all green tile which has been covered up except for one "59th Street" sign near the south end of the northbound platform. There are whimsical stylised coffee cups and slippers mosaics in varied colours at random spacing near the stairways to mid and upper levels. This station is currently being renovated.

The mezzanine between the Interborough Rapid Transit level and the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation's Broadway Line subway station has a large-scale mosaic mural entitled Blooming, by Elizabeth Murray. It covers all four walls of the mezzanine area. The mosaic features larger versions of the coffee cups and slippers found on the platform walls, with the text: "in dreams begin responsibilities" and "Conduct your blooming in the noise and discipline of the whirlwind." The text floats from the coffee cups and are exceprt from poetry by Delmore Schwartz and Gwendolyn Brooks.