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48th Highlanders of Canada
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48th Highlanders of Canada

The 48th Highlanders of Canada is a Canadian militia (i.e., part-time Army reserve) infantry regiment based in Toronto.

It was founded in 1891 and has served in every major conflict since.

The regiment is allied with the British Army regiment The Highlanders (formerly the Gordon Highlanders). The relationship with the Gordon Highlanders represents the oldest officially sanctioned regimental alliance in the Commonwealth.

The regiment is nicknamed "The Glamour Boys" or "The Dirty Four Dozen". The name "The Glamour Boys" was coined by the other regiments that served with the 48th Highlanders during World War II in the 1st Canadian Infantry Division, 1 Brigade. The brigade was being inspected by King George VI but there were not enough regulation khaki puttees for all the soldiers. The 48th had to wear unofficial blue puttees. The King inquired as to why the 48th wore different puttees from the rest of the brigade. He was told that there were not enough khaki ones for all the units. The King replied that he liked the blue puttees better and that they should keep them. The 48th Highlanders continued to wear blue puttees until battledress was eventually phased out.

The regiment's pipes and drums have played at every Toronto Maple Leafs home opening game at both Maple Leaf Gardens and the Air Canada Centre. The band was requested by Conn Smythe, who had been a major in the First World War, to play at the opening of the new Maple Leaf Gardens on November 12, 1931.

The regiment's motto is "Dileas gu brath" which is Gaelic for "faithful forever". The regiment's Colonel-in-Chief is Queen Elizabeth II.

The regiment is part of Land Force Central Area's 32 Canadian Brigade Group.

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