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46th Street-Bliss (7-Flushing)
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46th Street-Bliss (7-Flushing)

46 Street-Bliss is the first station on the 7 that is on Queens Boulevard. All these stations are on the concrete viaduct that stretches from 48 to Van Dam Streets. Unlike the Roosevelt Avenue stations, which are steel framed, these stations are concrete.

46 Street/Bliss has two exits: the 24-hour main entrance/exit at 46 Street and the part-time at 47 Street. The 46 Street mezzanine has dual fare controls, and therefore has no free change between directions.

In 1998 the names Bliss, Lowery and Rawson signs were removed from the stations. In 2004, the names were readded back onto the stations and subway map as part of a historical move.

Connections: B24, Q60, Q104 bus