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Alternate uses: 311 (band)

In the United States, 3-1-1 is a new non-emergency telephone number, meant to provide a quick, easy to remember, and universal alternative to 9-1-1. 311 is intended to connect callers to a call center that can be the same as the 911 call center, but with 311 calls assigned a secondary priority, answered only when no emergency 911 calls are waiting. This system is intended to extend the system such that true emergency callers are answered quickly, without ringing or busy signals.

Examples of calls intended for 311:

While implementation is still spotty, it has been assigned by the FCC for nationwide use, and it is likely that Canada and others in the NANP will adopt the standard as well.

In the mean time, the number remains unassigned by the CRTC. In Alberta, it is used as the ANAC number.

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