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39th GLBT
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39th GLBT

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Oklahoma City's gay & lesbian community is mostly concentrated along and around a section of NW 39th Street, off Pennsylvania (Penn) Ave in the city's burgeoning NW quadrant.

The area houses the bulk of the city's most popular gay & lesbian nightclubs and bars, as well as a new gift shop catering to the community, A Piece To Remember, Paco's restaurant, Coit's Rootbeer Stand (a longtime staple of the area, around 40th & Penn Ave) a brand new CD Warehouse, The Center (offering counseling, YGLA activities, as well as free anonymous HIV testing to the community), and The Habana Inn, the Southwest's largest gay & lesbian resort hotel, which itself houses 3 of the most popular nightclubs/bars, a restaurant (Gusher's), & Jungle Red gift shop.

This portion of NW 39th St is also home to the main festivities of the annual [OKC Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered & Intersex Pride Parade], held each June. While the area is rather uninhabited during daylight hours, it comes alive at night, with throngs of glbt people, as well as large numbers of open minded heterosexual patrons, visiting the many bars, clubs, and shops.

At the time of this writing, a new hamburger diner was scheduled to open, as well as "4015 N Penn Shops" which have been rumored to hold an athletic club, or a collection of distinct shops, or perhaps both. Construction is well under way.

Other places found in this area of OKC are the questionable (and somewhat of an eyesore) Kozan Apartments, a car wash, Ziggy's Smoke & Novelty Shop, Family Dollar retailer, (under construction at time of writing) Shell gas station, Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy store, a storage facility, Homeland grocery store, and a small, older convenience store.

Prominent GLBT bars/clubs found here:

Angles (OKC's premier nightclub) Sisters (women's nightclub) Tramp's ("strongest drinks on the Strip") The Park (80s retro video dance bar) The Wreck Room (under age crowd, bastion of the city's afterhours scene) The Ledo (piano/cabaret bar, inside the Habana Inn) The Copa (show bar inside the Habana Inn) Finishline (glbt country western bar, inside the Habana Inn)

author's note: There is a second GLBT hotel complex a couple of miles west of this area, on NW 39th Expressway, which also houses a nightclub, Club Rox, as well as Topanga Bar & Grill, which takes its name from the Topanga Canyon area of Los Angeles & serves fine Southwestern cuisine. A second, large nightclub is rumored to be in the planning for this Hotel, called The Hollywood Hotel & Suites. Other GLBT nightclubs/bars can be found in a few other enclaves of NW Oklahoma City.