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2mm scale
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2mm scale

2mm scale is a scale used for railway modelling, largely of British subjects. It uses a scale of 2mm on the model to 1 foot on the prototype, which scales out to 1:152. It is, therefore, similar in size to the slightly larger British N scale at 1:144 and the slightly smaller European/American N scale at 1:160; it predates both versions of N scale. The track gauge used is 9.42mm, wider than commercial N scale. Track and wheels are exact scale replicas of those on real railways; the track is only 1mm high.

No ready-to-run models are available in this scale, and although there is some availability of kits and components, some modelmaking skill is required. With such skill, however, excellent models can be produced in a very tiny size.

There is an active association, The 2mm Scale Association, for modellers in this scale, who supply components, tools and jigs, publish a bi-monthly magazine, organise local chapters, and promote modelling in the scale.

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