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27th Polish Home Army Infantry Division
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27th Polish Home Army Infantry Division

27 Volhynian Infantry Division (Polish 27 Wołyńska Dywizja Piechoty) was the World War II Polish Home Army unit fighting in 1944 in Volhynia region. It was recreated on January 15, 1944 from smaller partisan units of self-defence during the Volhynia massacre.

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It was mobilized from minor units of the Kowel, Łuck; and Równe Home Army inspectorates. After finishing the mobilization in March 1944, the division became the biggest partisan unit in Central Europe with 7300 soldiers, officers and NCOs.

The division initially aided local self-defence units during the Massacres of Poles in Volhynia and fought against the Ukrainian Uprising Army. It also fought German anti-partisan units and regular Wehrmacht troops. In 1944 the division fought several major battles near Włodzimierz Wołyński; (February 23), Hołoby (March 9) and Zasmyki (March 17). During the latter two battles the division cooperated with local Soviet partisan groups and the advancing Red Army. After reaching the frontline and contacting with the Soviets col. Jan Kiwerski "Oliwa was offered to join the Red Army as a regular unit of Soviet-backed Polish army. He declined and returned to partizan fights. The division was surrounded by the Germans near Kowel on April 2.

After recieving a promise of Soviet help the unit fought surrounded for two weeks and then, after no help arrived, started to break through in the direction of Włodawa;. As a result of heavy fights, the losses varied between 10% and 50% of personnel.

The division returned northwards and by the end of may got surrounded. Elements of the division broke through the Prypeć river; and reached the Soviet lines. The officers were arrested by the NKVD and sent to Russia while most of the soldiers were conscripted to the army of Gen. Zygmunt Berling.

The remnants of the division withdrew westwards, crossed the Bug river on June 7 to the Parczew forest near Lublin. It joined other Home Army units and took part in liberation of Kock, Lubartów and the town of Firleje on June 21.

After the Red Army reached the liberated territory, most of the divisions officers, NCOs and ordinary soldiers were arrested by the NKVD and sent to GuLags. Only small part joined the Red Army or the Polish Army.


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