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20th century concert dance
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20th century concert dance

20th century concert dance is the name given to a category of dance forms that include:

Although technically 20th century concert dance, the following dance forms are considered under the separate category of Ballet or 20th century ballet:

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lineage of dance forms

Relationship to art movements

Although sharing the name of art movements the dance forms may not relate to them directly. From an ideological and conceptual point of view the connections are shown below:

  1. This list is given as an illustrative example and should not be used for re classification
  2. Postmodern dance falls under two catergories due to its complex nature (see Postmodernism).
  3. Choreographers using a postmodernist process may produce works that are classical, romantic, expressionist, modernist or postmodernist (etc) in appearance (see Postmodernism).

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