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1,000 Hours
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1,000 Hours

1,000 Hours (April 1989) is Green Day's first demo EP, which was recorded in 1988. The US/UK version was released on Lookout! Records; it is Lookout! catalog #17.

The record sleeve is printed two-tone, black on mint green. The front of the sleeve has the "Green Day" logo with "1,000 HOURS" printed smaller below. The back of the sleeve has a photo of the band (Billy, Mike, and John, who was the original drummer) hanging out next to some brick, concrete, and railings; and also the Lookout! logo, the track listings, the address "PO Box 11374 / Berkeley CA 94712", and the amusing credits "Billy: Guitar, Hat / Mike: Bass, Hair / John: Drums, Bus".

The label on the A side of the record says "GREEN DAY / 1. 1,000 HOURS / 2. DRY ICE / this is side A / LOOKOUT! RECORDS #17 45rpm / that is side Bus / 1. ONLY OF YOU / 2. THE ONE I WANT".

The label on side B is a photo of the front end of a VW Microbus, and its spare tire cover says "Best Buy Tire Sale!".

  1. 1,000 Hours (Green Day) - 2:24
  2. Dry Ice (Green Day) - 3:43
  3. Only of You (Green Day) - 2:44
  4. The One I Want (Green Day) - 2:59

All four tracks were re-released on the 1991 full-length album 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hour