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1975 World Series
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1975 World Series

The 1975 World Series was between the Boston Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds. In some eyes, it was one of the greatest World Series ever played. Cincinnati won the series 4-3.

The sixth game of the Series was a 12-inning classic at Fenway Park. While there are many memorable moments from that game, among them a pinch-hit three-run homer by the Sox' Bernie Carbo that tied the game and a game-saving defensive play in extra innings by the Sox' Dwight Evans, it is most remembered for the walkoff home run hit in the bottom of the 12th by Carlton Fisk. The camera shot of Fisk "waving" his home run fair is one of the most-replayed moments in baseball history.

The Sox won 7-6 to send the series to a deciding seventh game, which was won by the Reds.

The series also included Luis Tiant's extended mediations while communing with someone in center field during his windups while pitching, and many other memorable events.

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