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00ber (Pokémon)
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00ber (Pokémon)

What is 00ber?

00ber Pokémon are Pokémon that are overpowered. "00ber" comes from the German word über, which can mean above, over, and about, but in this case means super or superior. All 00ber Pokémon to this date can only be obtained once in each game, if at all. However, not all Pokémon that can only be obtained once in a single game are considered 00ber; some are considered legendary (e.g. Zapdos, Suicune, Regice) and a few are simply considered normal Pokémon (e.g. Lapras, Eevee, Castform). 00bers are normally banned from competitive play, as they are superior to other Pokémon and therefore detract from the variety of Pokémon in play, as everyone would have a team of all 00bers. They can be used in in-game competitions, but usually there will be restrictions as of when to use them. Every Pokémon with total base stats equal to or greater than 670 is an 00ber (with the exception of Slaking). Some Pokémon with 600 total base stats are considered 00ber and some are not. For example, Mew is considered 00ber because of its huge variety of moves; Dragonite is not considered 00ber because it has fairly bad move variety with little opportunity to show off its 134 attack stat, its highest stat. It also suffers from a crippling weakness to ice attacks.

00ber Pokémon

1Latias and Latios are always considered 00bers when they are holding Soul Dew. There is debate on whether they should be considered 00bers without Soul Dew, but they are usually considered 00bers even if they are not holding it.